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It's Time to Reorganize

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What you need to know!

Join the meeting by Zoom: 

Tune in by Channel 17 YouTube: 

The Burlington Democratic Party Reorganization Caucus will be held on September 12. The event starts at 6:30 pm and will be hosted at the Spark Space at Burlington Electric Department (585 Pine St). There will also be an option to participate and vote virtually. 


The following have met the deadline for candidates to the Executive Committee: 


Chair - Adam Roof

Vice Chair - Olivia Taylor & Hannah King 

Treasurer - Beth Anderson

Vice Treasurer - Andrew Champagne 

Recording Officer - Romeo von Hermann

Below are candidates for County Delegate:

Edward Adrian

Robert Bristow-Johnson

Lorraine Carter-Lovejoy

Abbey Duke

Joanna Grossman

Betsy Hands

Evan Litwin

Jason Lorber 

Adam Roof

David Scherr

Mary Sullivan

John Tracy

Jason Van Driesche

Andy Vota

Elizabeth Allen-Pennebaker

Stephen Cramer

Michael Fisher

Molly Gray

Betsy Hands

Romeo Hermann


Jill Krowinski

Katherine (Kate) Lapp

John Leddy

Anne Lezak

Erin Malone

Jean O'Sullivan

Karen Paul

Jacob Perkinson

Barbara Pfeiffer

Marne Pike

Barbara Rachelson 

Joan Shannon

Gabrielle Stebbins

Olivia Taylor


Why reorganization is important?

In accordance with Vermont State Law, this year's Party Reorg is when elections of Executive Committee Officers occur. BTV Dems Executive Committee Officers include Chair, Vice Chair, Recording Officer, Treasurer, and Vice Treasurer. If you would like to be a candidate for one of these positions you must notify the Party no later than noon on Tuesday, September 5. You can notify the Party by emailing 


If you would like to serve on the County Committee, please indicate so on the registration form. Since Burlington has 61 delegates (as well as alternate positions), the selection of these positions will be done by signing up and a vote by acclimation (unless there are more candidates than there are positions).

Finally, the meeting will also be an opportunity to hear from local and state elected leaders, as well as learn about plans to grow Party participation in the years to come. 

Who can participate? 

In order to vote at the meeting, you must be a registered Burlington voter. Also, pursuant to 17 V.S.A. §2317, a "voter shall not vote in a town, county, or State caucus of more than one party in the same 12 month period, nor shall any voter simultaneously hold membership on the committees of more than one political party.”


Registration is required to vote!

Please take a moment to register to vote in the Reorganization Caucus. The event is open to the public and you do not need to register to attend. You can register here. 

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