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Town Meeting Day is Coming! 

 Vote on or before March 5th

The Burlington Democratic Party works with our community and elected officials to solve our communities' most pressing social and economic issues. Truth and honesty guide our path as we do the work necessary for making real progress. 

Meet the Candidates

joan headshot.jpg

Joan Shannon - Mayor

My years of experience have taught me that leadership is not a mission for any one person alone. So what guides this campaign is simple — it will take all of us to build the community we aspire to live in.


Geoff Hand - Ward 1

I’m running for City Council because I care deeply about our community. But, like many of you, we are concerned about the current state of our city. I feel compelled to serve because I’m hopeful that a steady, deliberate, and thoughtful approach from our City Councilors can see us through our challenges.

malik mines headshot.webp

Malik Mines - Ward 3

If you would’ve told me 10 years ago that I would be living in Vermont and running for City Council, I wouldn't have believed you. My journey to find this place I now call home has been a long one, and I feel lucky to have found such a passionate and socially dedicated community.

Sarah Carpenter - Ward 4

I am a lifelong resident of Burlington, I want a city that everyone can comfortably live in and be proud of. We must be attentive to the diverse needs of all our citizens. I hope to earn your support for my re-election.

ben trav headshot.jpg

Ben Traverse - Ward 5

I am running for re-election to City Council because I love Burlington. I want to continue to give back and improve life here for everyone in our community. I am optimistic about our future and, to keep us moving forward, I hope to earn your support!

Copy of BeccaBrownMcKnight-Picks-2023-12-17-2 (1).jpg

Becca Brown McKnight - Ward 6

I’m running because I love Burlington. I’m running because I don’t think our city is reaching its potential. I’m running because we need bold, new solutions to tackle the problems our city is facing. I hope to continue the legacy of local leadership that prioritizes constituent service and communication.

Copy of EvanLitwin-2023-12-17-7.jpg

Evan Litwin - Ward 7

Every place changes and Burlington is certainly no exception to that reality. It’s our job to make sure it changes for the better. Together, we can bring a thoughtful, solution-oriented approach to progress to City Hall. I’m running because I am up for the task of stewarding a vision of a safe, healthy, affordable, and lively future for this lakeside cultural hub.

han king photo_edited.jpg

Hannah King - Ward 8

Serving as your Ward 8 City Councilor has been nothing short of an honor and a responsibility that I hold dear. I've prioritized my constituents' views, especially in our toughest votes, because your concerns are at the forefront of my actions.


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Chip in what you can to help us work to make Burlington . Your donation goes to support our all-volunteer team grow our party and elect Democrats. 


Your vote is your voice! Burlington Democrats work year-round registering voters and helping them update their information so they're ready for election day.


Reach out to us if you would like to learn more about the Burlington Democratic Party, if you would like to talk with an elected official, or if you need help with voting!

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